Buba By Sumosan Tsvetnoy bulvar

Russia, Moscow, Tsvetnoy bulvar 7, стр 1

Spahic Ena

This is our second project for the Sumosan family. Working with the Sumosan team is a special pleasure. The tasks set and the chosen segment determined the decision making, a concise interior with two accents: a bar and light.

The contact bar is combined with a kitchen with large shelves in the windows, a multi-level facade. The composition of the fixtures on the wall (Maison Objet thank you!) With sudden shadows supports the general concept of space in which lighting is of particular importance.

An unusual experiment — the floor, like a painting with watercolor. The decor in the center of the room — jellyfish — hand made in Moscow. Restraint from our metal and concrete added restraint to our pudrovo-pink-raspberry shades. The huge facade windows, opening in the summer, erase the boundaries of space.