Julie’s kitchen

Julia’s Kitchen project was conceived a long time ago. Ever since the first day when we entered the Ernik to discuss the project FOOD EMBASSY beginning of this project has already been laid. Home, cozy, warm, such theses were announced for the beginning of work on the space. «Julia’s Kitchen» — Julia Vysotsky cafe every day for those who value their time and want to enjoy a meal.

Implementation of that same TV program «Eat at Home», which many of us watching on TV or certainly at least once seen :) The room itself clarified, «uncovered», added directly to a part of an open kitchen with a large island.

There are some interesting stories that we have with this interior. We specifically went to a shop in Italy not far from Forte dei Marmi , where to buy decorative tiles , which has now become a hallmark of this cafe. So do these dekortiv tiled carpets laid , we live on the ground under the rays of the Italian sun, to produce a product that would have arranged for compositions. After that was a long trip of all these decorative carpets with packaging and delivery, but the result is worth it .