Russia, Moscow, Sadovo-Kudrinskaya 9, stroenie 3

Spahic Ena

Project authors:
Zhukova Maria, Doroshko Maksim

May, 2017 — September 2017. V hotel on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street. We did not have such short terms ever. Four months = complete reconstruction of the building (reinforcement of ceilings, increase of openings in load-bearing elements, replacement of roofing, windows, facade works, adjoining territory, 28 rooms) .The bonus to the task was a great desire of the customer to get the most unusual return from a minimally generated budget. 60’s do not confuse with anything.

The accent was made on the entrance group, colored tiles, furniture, chandeliers and reception from oak in a tinted walnut.Number in a calmer color scheme, the geometry of the 60’s is traced in the background IU furniture and accessories. The first V hotel guests adopted in September 2017.