Villa Sumosan

This project is unique from all sides. Starting with the fact that space itself, we looked at with a number of different managers.
But it is safe to say that the building was waiting for the SUMOSAN to select it.

Detached two-storey building, previously offered as a two-level apartment, and it was not designed as a restaurant. In this regard, the construction of the restaurant took a little longer than expected, the engineering organization of two floors was a daunting task.

Interior solutions prompted the space itself. Natural materials: travertine, marble, oak, concrete, pleasant in texture and color, combined in one image.
It was necessary to add only art objects and interesting light and it was done.

Our most favorite idea is the installation of light and volume in the double-height space. Namely, lamps and cranes-origami. If you look at the cranes, they even fly in the air.